Paying it forward week #10

Somehow Thoughtful Thursday completely passed me by.  But that hadn’t stopped me in my quest to pay it forward this last week.

During the working week I sit on one of two desks – I spend half the week in one office, half in another.  Somehow I have managed to acquire an orchid on each desk.  I think they have both ended up on my desk from ladies who have gone on maternity leave.

The orchids have previously flowered, and were looking a bit on the sad side.  I have tried feeding and watering them, but what they really needed was to be repotted.  So I sent Ben out for a couple of repotting kits and got stated.

pay it forward, paying it forward, good deed, orchid, repotting

Pay it forward #10

The small picture is the before of that orchid, the picture on the left is the other orchid after I had repotted it. Thankfully I was first in on these days (I didn’t do them on the same day) so I didn’t feel too daft taking the orchids to the kitchen to tidy up, trim and re-pot 🙂

Hopefully they will be a bit happier now.  It would be great if I could encourage them to grow again 🙂

What have you done to pay it forward this week?  Have you repotted an orchid and got it to flower again? Tips gratefully received 🙂


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