A week of…chia

I was a bit low on inspiration this week, so I set myself a challenge of making a chia pudding every day this week. It perhaps wasn’t the best idea as I had run out of cacao powder, and a chocolate chia pudding would have been wonderful! Ah, well, it got me thinking how I could change up my pudding each day.

These little seeds are very nutritious so I thought they would be a good addition to my diet each day: high in omega 3 fatty acids, and a great source of fibre.  Two tablespoons provide 10 grams, nearly half the recommended daily amoutn for healthy function. Fibre takes a while to go through the diegestive system which will keep you full and allow a slow release of energy. Chia seeds are high in protein and minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, all of which are essential to a healthy body as they regulate blood oxygenation, metabolism, skin and bone health. (source)

Most days I had my chia pudding as a snack – although one day I had it as breakfast.  I was eating it on the coach on the way home – but I found it wasn’t the best thing to be eating before I worked out.  I thought the high fibre, protein and fat combination would fill me up, but it just left my tummy working on digesting it.  Come the end of the week I was eating my chia pudding as my morning snack.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture on Friday, but here are four of the five 🙂

chia, pudding, yogurt, fruit, strawberry, apple, banana,

  • Monday: Chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk and chopped strawberries
  • Tuesday: Chia seeds and Intensely Creamy Peaches and Cream Yoghurt
  • Wednesday: This was a sort of bircher chia pudding (sorry, it’s really ugly) chia, oats, grated apple, unsweetened almond milk, and topped with some yogurt and a sprinkle of half an oat biscuit
  • Thursday: chia seeds, mashed frozen banana (defrosted), unsweetened almond milk and less strawberries than Monday (photo taken on my ipod touch – sorry)
  • Friday (unpictured): chia, unsweetened almond milk, strawberries – this one was very pink with strawberry

Happily, I’ve had an order of cacao powder (amongst other things) so I can do choccy ones now 🙂

Real foods, shopping, wraps, pumpkin, cocoa, cacao

Real Foods order

My shop consisted of: Zest Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce with a hint of chilli, smooth peanut butter, tinner pumpkin, Freekeh, vitamin D spray, hemp powder, rice and wheat wraps, raw cacao powder.

Have you eaten chia pudding?  What is your favourite flavour?


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