April Fool’s Day

I would have loved to have done an April Fool’s post a la Kath, but I didn’t think about it in time to prepare one.

I’m not usually one for observing this ‘holiday’.  I’ve never been much the fan of practical jokes.  But this year I was feeling mischievous, so I got a few things on the go:

April Fools, All Fools, April 1st, pranks, practical jokes

April Fool’s

I started the day by setting up two upside down glasses half filled with water, with a note wishing Ben a Happy April Fool’s Day.  Then I went to work.  He messaged me later in the morning to say he had used my gym bag to clear it up – I hope that was an April Fool’s too!

I went around sticking a few post it notes and stickers to the bottom of some of the computer mice at work – one of the benefits of being the first in, though the cleaner was probably wondering what i was up to 🙂

Finally, I text my sister with the message “I’ve lost my phone.  Please can you ring it for me”.  There was no fooling her though, she text right back, calling me on my April Fool.

What’s the best April Fool/prank that you’ve ever played?  What’s the best that you’ve ever fallen for?



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One thought on “April Fool’s Day

  1. […] and cooked it on the hob until the egg white was cooked.  I was feeling in a fun mood (It was April Fool’s Day) so I added some […]

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