A week of…breakfast

So here we have a selection of breakfasts i have enjoyed this week.  I find it’s much easier to remember to snap my breakfasts, I guess that’s because I’m on my own in my own kitchen, rather than at work.

Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day.  Anything goes!  You can have sweet or savoury, and you can healthify (or Emily-ify) all those ‘treats’ like pancakes, muffins, french toast etc – yum!  Plus it’s usually easy to put together, or prepare in advance.

Here’s to breakfast – cheers!

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A week of breakfast


  • Monday was my What I ate Wednesday day – so you will already have seen my pumpkin overnight oats sprinkled with some ginger cake with pesto eggs.
  • Tuesday I worked from home so I was able to have a more leisurely breakfast.  I wanted to make a breakfast wrap, and I sent Ben out for some veggie sausages.  But he couldn’t get them on Monday night, so I was left with a baked bean, mushroom and cheese wrap.  I used my Mountain bread Rye wrap, filled with reduced salt and sugar beans, grilled mushrooms and a sprinkle of low fat cheese.
  • Wednesday I made some homemade ‘cereal’ – I simply had equal quantities of jumbo oats and buckwheat groats, topped with raspberries that my Nan gave me.  With unsweetened almond milk,  On the side I had an egg white omelette.
  • I enjoyed my cereal so much I had it again on Thursday. I didn’t have as many raspberries left so I had some sliced banana and a bit of leftover nakd bar over the top.
  • Friday, I made a conscious effort to eat a bigger breakfast.  I had my favourite banana ice cream and egg on a wholewheat bagel.  This would normally be a breakfast in itself, but I made a green smoothie on the side, made with: spinach, frozen mango, the rest of the frozen banana and some natural kefir.

See, it’s my favourite 🙂

egg, bagel, banana ice cream, banana soft serve, breakfast

see – it’s my favoutire!

What’s your favourite breakfast?  Do you have the same, or do you change it up?


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2 thoughts on “A week of…breakfast

  1. ranchcookie March 29, 2014 at 1:13 pm Reply

    I used to have an egg white scramble and a side of cinnamon oats every morning but lately I’ve been loving changing it up I’ve had some protein cakes, waffles and French toast this week! I am loving the sweet breakfasts!

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