A touch of shopping

I’ve been a bit rubbish at remembering to share my Farmers’ Markets finds.  I’ve taken pictures, just forgotten to share them, so here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been buying lately.



I was pleased to receive my Real Foods order.  a couple of the items I ordered were out of stock, so I had to wait for my order.  I’ll be placing a new order soon, I’ve run out of cacao powder – and that just won’t do!

Real Foods,

Real Foods

As you can see I bought a selection of nakd bars – they were on offer and there are a number that I haven’t tried before – yum! Also on offer was the Little Pasta Organics Broccoli & Spinach Sauce – technically for kids, I thought it might make a good pasta sauce or pizza spread for when I can’t make my own 🙂 I also stocked up on three packets of wraps I’ve enjoyed the corn wraps and lavash bread before, so I thought I would widen my range by trying the Mountain Rye wraps 🙂  Another new ingredient is the soya spaghetti.  I really wanted to try the black bean pasta that I saw featured on Keepin it Kind, but made by the saime people, I’m looking forward to giving this a go too.  Finally I stocked up on a tin of pureed pumpkin – a great store cupboard essential for making overnight oats, or hot chocolate!

In other online orders – I bought some teapigs matcha so I could make my matcha protein bars, while I was at it I bought some samples of green tea with peppermint, chai tea, and chilli chai.

I also enjoyed some fresh vegetables:

purple pepper, yellow courgette, custard apple, cherimola, cherimoya,

fun shopping

Well, actually the one in the middle is a fruit.  The others are a purple pepper, and a yellow courgette.  The fruit in the middle is a cherimola or cherimoya also known as custard apple

custard apple, cherimola, cherimoya

custard apple

I always like to try something new 🙂

And I’ve been visiting the Farmer’s Market more frequently, enjoying: venison mince, squash of several varieties, kale, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, pink fir apples (actually potatoes!), eggs, rainbow chard and a new salad leaf called claytonia.

Right, I have a busy day ahead of me, I’ve signed up for the Sport Relief swimathon, and Ben and I are meeting my Mum, brother and his girlfriend for the mile this afternoon.  If you want to sponsor me, my link is: my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/emilyhawkes

Sport Relief, swimathon, swim, run, 1 mimle

Sport Relief 2014

Have you tried anything new lately, either food or exercise?


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