A week of…breakfast

Speedy breakfasts to be precise

As I have mentioned a few times, I’ve been having trouble getting to work lately.  Well, not trouble per se, I am now in a routine.  But that routine includes only 35 minutes to wake up and be out the door.  This might be easy for you, but I tend to prefer a leisurely breakfast.  Heck, I used to fit in a 10 minute work out every morning.  Now I wonder if I can get away without foundation just so I can have a little more time.

So, I’ve been looking at ways to save time with breakfast..and here is what I’ve been eating.

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a week of…breakfast

With a little preparation, I think I pretty much made all the breakfasts in under 10 minutes.

  • So, after all that preamable, Monday was a day off, so I did have a bit more time to make breakfast.  However, it was still fairly quick.  Scrambled eggs on toast can be ready in about 5-10 minutes, just enough time to toast a slice of bread and heat a pan to scramble some eggs.  In addition I cooked some mushrooms in the oven, but these could be done in the frying pan with the eggs.  A lid will get them cooking in their juices much quicker.
  • Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, also known as pancake day.  I made the batter the night before, and just added some protein powder and a splash of water in the morning.  As soon as the pan was hot spoonfuls of batter went in.  I probably didn’t need the extra water as I think they would have worked better (and been a bit quicker) with a thicker batter. Simpy served with sliced bananas.
  • Wednesday was a smoothie.  The bit that takes the longest is measuring out all the ingredients.  This isn’t a problem so much if you just throw it all in, but I like to measure my ingredients.  So I measured them out the night before = chia, almond milk, grapes, and spinach in one tub; powders in another, and just put it all in the blender in the morning – quick and yummy!
  • I’ve been enjoying slow cooker porridge as a quick breakfast.  Ben puts it on before he comes to bed and I simply stir in some chia seeds and banana before serving – yummy and healthy!
  • On Friday, just to prove it can be done quickly, and because I fancied banana on toast, I simply toasted a pitta bread, and smothered it in a heaped teaspoon of low fat soft cheese, sprinkled with cinnamon and some mashed banana on top (it was taken out of the freezer the night before, hence why it looks a bit brown).  I scrambled an egg and egg white to serve on the side for some added protein. YUM!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  Do you fit in exercise before work?  What are your favourite quick breakfasts?


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