What I ate Wednesday #8

And before you know it, it’s Wednesday again! Which means…Happy Hump Day!.. Oh no, What I ate Wednesday! YAY!

So here we have a day of eats. This weekend I was away at a Fitness Fiesta (more of that to come later this week!) so I chose to photograph my full day’s eats.  I later regretted it when I had to sit at a table with 8 people I didn’t know at dinner – I think I managed it on the sly 🙂 Well, no one gave me a funny look anyway 🙂

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What I ate (Saturday) Wednesday

I will be writing more about the Fitness Fiesta later in the week, so I will try not to give too much away in this post, so apologies for being a bit vague 🙂

  • I woke at my usual time of 6am – but the literature for the weekend said that breakfast didn’t start until 8am – so I made myself a protein shake upon waking to tide me over.  We had to go to the event reception to grab more tickets for the ‘ticketed’ exercise classes at 7.30, so we made our way down to the queue at about 7.10.  We had our tickets by 7.35, and had 20 minutes to kill chill before our first class of the day.
  • After the first class we had 45 minutes to grab some breakfast before getting started on some more exercise.  I knew I needed fueling, and that I wouldn’t eat again until lunch, so I made the most of it with two plates of breakfast from the buffet!  I started with a table spoon of porridge (I didn’t know how it had been made – full fat milk, added salt etc so I only had a small portion) with a sprinkle of raisins, a tablespoon of muesili for crunch, a slice of melon and two grapefruit segments. I thought that wasn’t really enough, so I had a slice of wholemeal toast, with a tablespoon of baked beans (I usually only eat homemade of reduced salt and sugar, which I doubt these were!) and a nibble of brie, a bit more porridge, this time with half a teaspoon of jam, and a nibble of some black pudding, just for a change.
  • I then had an hour and a half of intense exercise before I met Ben to go into town quickly for an hour before our next session together.  When we finished that it was time for lunch.  We booked lunch from the hotel in advance to save time having to hunt something down, and when we came to the ‘canteen/restaurant’ we saw they had jacket potaotes with chilli, vegetable chilli, or beans.  I’m not the biggest fan of jacket potatoes, and I thought that might sit heavily on my stomach for the afternoon’s exercise classes, so I went for the salad bar.  I piled my plate high with mixed lettuce, rocket, cucumber, tomatoes and red and green peppers.  I had a tablespoon of curried potato salad and the pasta salad, just to try it – it was ok, nothing special.  I had a slice of cooked turkey breast, again, nothing special and a small granary bread roll. It wasn’t the most special, but it was enough to get me through the next 3 hours of exercise!
  • When I got back to the room 4 hours later I had an apple that I had taken with me – just to tide me over until dinner, and to stop me being ravenous when I got there 🙂
  • When we got to the evening buffet the starter was carrot and butternut squash soup.  It didn’t look creamy, so I was happy to have a ladle of that, but I was fed up with bread after the toast at breakfast and roll at lunch.  Again, I wasn’t taken by the hot food on offer – pork in peppercorn sauce, fish pie, beef stew (actually Ben had a stew and I had a nibble of a piece of beef and it was quite nice) or vegetable lasagne (ahh more wheat!) – so I went for the salad again.  I piled my plate up with mixed leaves, peppers, red onion and cucumber. I had some smoked salmon, prawns and a bit of smoked mackerel for protein.  I went to the hot food bar and had 1 paprika potato (the server looked at me strangely when I asked for 1!) and a serving of steamed veg.  The dessert that night was baked cheesecake and chocolate gateaux – Ben made the most of it and had my slice.  He was a love though and brought me a grape and half a strawberry for my ‘dessert’ 🙂

So, I felt I ate a lot more than ususal, but perhaps my main meals were quantity (lots of salad) over substance (not a lot else) to power me through my 6 hours of exercise in a day.  And the food we were served relied far too much on wheat – bread and white pasta!

Do you eat more when you exercise or do you stick to mainly the same quantity of food. Do you eat wheat: bread, wheat based cereal, pasta etc more than once a day?

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