A week of snacks #3

It seems to have taken me a while to get to this one this week.  I decided that I would report my week of snacks again (see last week’s post) to see if they had improved ithis past week.

A week of snacks
A week of snacks

I seem to have managed to make one snack a day from scratch, so that’s an improvement. so, in a bit more detail, what did I have?

  • Ok, so it’s only the first day and I realise I made a mistake.  I started the week with a bag of Proper Corn popcorn and a nakd bar – so I didn’t make either of those.  Nutritionally speaking it wasn’t too bad.  Popcorn is a high fibre filling food, and this brand doesn’t have too many nasties.  I had the sour cream and chive flavour last week. Nakd bars are sold on only natural ingredients, maily dried fruit and nuts – yummy.
  • Tuesday I worked from home so I had a cappuccino in the morning.  I was going to have a nakd bar with it, but I was picking at my homemade oat and amaranth porridge bars, so I decided to call that my snack instead.  In the afternoon I had a protein poptart made with a Mountain bread corn wrap at only 70 calories (for the wrap).  I topped it with a spirulina topping.  Did you know: Studies show that Spirulina helps support the liver leaving it to metabolise fat by preventing the build-up of triglycerides, lipid peroxidation and cleansing from toxins. And it can boost exercise performance: A recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reported that taking spirulina enhances exercise performance.  I had it before the gym, and then ran 5k for the first time ever – were the two related??? I seriously doubt it 🙂
  • Wednesday is my night for late exercise classes, (I finish at 8.30 rather than my usual 7-8pm) so I tend to have a larger evening snack and then a light dinner/or healthy ‘pudding’ afterwards.  I started my snacks with the nakd bar that I didn’t have on Tuesday.  On the coach on the way home I had a wrap filled with tofu, avocado and cottage cheese.
  • Thursday I made myself a chia pudding with banana and a few oats.  I made it the night before so all I had to do was take it to work and enjoy during the morning.  On the way home I had my last bag of Proper Corn.  Then I went to circuits and burned 315 calories in 45 minutes – not bad.
  • Friday I was off from work, and travelling.  I wne to the coffee shop and had a cappuccino with Ben before we left.  My afternoon snack consisted of celery and cucumber with a red pepper hummus, made by bending cooked red pepper with shop bought hummus.

Tell me, what are your favourite snacks?  Can you make/bake treats without tasting as you go, or do you nibble your way through the raw ingredients?


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