A week of…lunches #4

Yum yum, I’ve done several breakfast summaries lately, so this week I’ve recorded my lunches.

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A week of…lunch

Before I get into that though, I want to share my recent buys from Real Foods – yum!

Real Foods, Store, Online, shopping, organic, vegan, vegetarianWe’ve had some crazy storms here in the UK, and I haven’t been able to get out to the Farmer’s Market 😦 So I’ve been looking forward to having a Real Foods order to perk me up!

This is the train line I take to work.  When I go into work I have to get up earlier, so I make my lunch the night before.  I’m finding that sandwiches are the quickest for this.

Dawlish, train track,

Herald Express

But I really have no complaints when you think of the people who live in those houses.  My prayers are with them all!

Now to my week’s eats:

  • Monday I took courgette noodles and peas into work drizzled with sheep’s yogurt and topped with sardines
  • I worked from home on Tuesday and enjoyed some toasted rye and sunflower bread with a soya bean, avocado and cottage cheese dip
  • It was so good, I made some more to take to work the next day with toasted rice bread and tinned tuna
  • On Thursday I made a lavash wrap with curried tofu and spinach
  • Friday I made another lavash wrap with quinoa, roasted broccoli, kale and a cauliflower, tofu alfredo sauce.  It was a bit ‘vegetabley’ for my liking, I think more flavours would be needed if I made it again.
  • Each day I followed my lunch with an apple and plain yogurt, sometimes sheeps yogurt, sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon and ground chia seeds.
apple, yogurt,

 apple and yogurt

What have you had for lunch this week?  What was your favourite?  Do you have the same every day, or do you like to change it up?


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