Pay it forward week #2

Pay it forward, random acts of kindness, random act of kindness,

Pay it forward week #2

So we’ve hit week two of ‘paying it forward’. So what did I do this week.I went shopping and saw these two cards which made me think of a couple of special people in my life.

cards, pay it forward, random acts of kindness


One of our friends is renowned for his short shorts, so the card on the left was perfect for him.  I sent the card on the right to my sister 🙂

I made a couple of smoothies for my colleague.  He has started to take maca and spirulina, but didn’t like it, so I made some smoothies to convert him.

Another friend was telling me she wanted to try almond milk.  To save her going out and buying a carton only to find she didn’t like it I gave her a small jar of mine.

pay it forward, random act of kindness, biscotti, almond, white chocolate

white chocolate and almond biscotti

Ben has one late night lecture – 3 hours of lecture as well.  So I made white chocolate and almond biscotti for the class.

white chocolate blondies

white chocolate blondies

Keeping with the theme, a friend was unwell so I made some healthy blondies (white chocolate brownies) made with apple puree – YUM! and sent them over to him.  Another bundle made their way to my friend who enjoys my recipes – you know who you are!

So, would I have done these ‘random acts of kindness‘ if i hadn’t been doing the challenge.  To be honest, I was more conscious of what I was doing, I think I would have done it all EXCEPT the cards. I probably wouldn’t have sent those if it wasn’t for the challenge.

Have you performed any random acts of kindness this week?


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