A week of…Farmhouse Breakfast Week

I wrote last week about Farmhouse Breakfast Week.  If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen my breakfasts.  But for those who haven’t seen them yet, here they are:

Farmhouse breakfast week, breakfast, toast, smoothie, chia, blueberries, porridge

You will see: toast, banana, cottage cheese and rye toast; French toast with blueberries, oaty blueberry pancakes; pumpkin and banana chia breakfast with blueberries, chocolate and banana porridge with finely chopped spinach; eggs on gluten free toast with mushrooms and spinach; and rice and buckwheat toast with peanut butter and blueberries and a green smoothie – yum!

What have you had for breakfast this week?  Do you change it up, or always have the same?  Which of the above would have been your favourite?


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