Farmhouse Breakfast Week and chocolate amaranth porridge

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2014 starts today – Sunday 26th January – Saturday 1st February.

To start the week off right, I enjoyed scrambled eggs on buckwheat and rice toast (I prefer the rice and sunflower) with spinach and an organic mushroom.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week, Shake up your wake up, breakfast, breakfast weekYum, a good start to my Sunday!

Did you know that Breakfast eaters:

  • have more energy: raising your blood sugar after your overnight fast, and keeping it up until lunch.
  • feel less stressed: raising your blood sugar in the morning can help to improve your mood and, concentration and lower your stress levels – do you get ‘hangry‘ when you are hungry and angry?
  • are more likely to be a healthy weight: The NHS says evidence suggests that eating breakfast helps people to control their weight.


  • Half of people skip breakfast at some point during the week
  • 15% never eat breakfast
  • 10% of those surveyed skipped breakfast to lose weight – but see my point above!

For some great breakfast ideas, click the breakfast links on the right or go to the Breakfast Week Pinterest Page.

chocolate, amaranth, rice milk, porridgeRead about the health benefits of amaranth. Amaranth can take 20 minutes to cook, so I cooked mine to about 75% done and then cooked them off in the morning.

Inspired by Naturally Ella

Chocolate Amaranth Porridge

Serves 1

  • 40g amaranth
  • 100ml unsweetened rice milk
  • 1 tsp (5g) raw cacao powder
  • 1/2 banana 50g approx.

Cook the amaranth according to the packet instructions using 100ml almond milk and making up to quantity with water.  This will probably take a minimum of 20 minutes.  Alternatively, you can cook the amaranth the night before for approx 15 minutes, cool in the fridge, and then cook further in the morning.  Stir in your banana and cacao powder and serve.  If reheating the next morning, add a dash of water and mash in your banana.  Reheat on the hob until hot through.


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