Pay it forward

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Pay it Forward

So, I got hooked on one of these ‘Pay It Forward‘ initatives on Facebook.  It got me thinking about Paying it forward and ‘Random Acts of Kindness‘.

Now, it has been said that I am ‘nice down to my bones’. I sponsor two children in developing countries, I give to charity, I bake for people, it was even mentioned on my work Professional Development Review that I can always spot if someone is in need of support.  I know I’m a fairly kind and thoughtful person. But this Facebook post got me thinking. Making a conscious effort to make these little gestures here and there is a great idea.

There is a chap who works at the train station who is always ready with a smile when he sees me and will usually open the gate when he sees me coming.  It’s a little gesture, but it means so much, especially if you’ve had a rubbish day.

So I pledge to do at least one Random Act of Kindness every week for the rest of the year!

I’ve decided to count Ben out of this – he is my husband and always on the receiving end of my baking, treats, etc 🙂

So, I immediately got to work. Tune in later to see what my first Random Acts of Kindness were.

Who else will make a pledge to do a random act of kindness each week this year?

Who’s with me?

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