A week of…Clean and Lean

A week of, Clean and Lean, James Duigan, Clean Eating, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacksI know, I know, you want to lick the screen right now.  Please refrain, it’s won’t work and when was the last time you cleaned that screen?

Ok, yeah, I’ll be your best friend 🙂 Cook for you everyday? Hmm, that sounds more like a personal chef than a best friend…

Yep, I’ve been eating WELL using my new Clean and Lean books as a guide – oh yeah, it’s good!

I’ve followed recipes, adapted recipes, and used James’s guidelines to cut the C.R.A.P (that’s caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed foods), and here are some of my favourites from the week 🙂

green smoothie, green tea`

it’s all green

Keeping it green, I’ve been having a green smoothie everyday, and lots of green tea.

rice drink, protein powder, chocolate

clean and lean chocolate ‘milk’

While we’re on the smoothies – a recipe of my own making – vegan, dairy free, sugar free chocolate milk (watch this space for the recipe – it has greens!)

scallops, clean and lean, peas

clean and lean scallops

From James’s Flat Tummy Diet book.  Recipe can be found here.

smoked salmon salad

smoked salmon salad

Even eating out is easy!

stuffed aubergine, peas, tempeh, clean and lean, cookbook

stuffed aubergie with tempeh

The stuffed aubergine from the Clean and Lean cookbook, served with tempeh for protein.

chicken, kale, red cabbage

chicken salad

Mmm…chicken salad made with chicken poached in my vegetable curry soup.

clean and lean, lamb, buckwheat, watercress, grilled veg

clean and lean lamb and grilled veg

A combination of a couple of James’s recipes, lamb with courgette and red onion on buckwheat.

chicken, curry, squash, peas, rice

chicken and squash curry

Finally, a personal creation – chicken and pea curry made with a pureed butternut squash curry sauce, with wild and brown rice, with some ‘fake rice’.

FArmer's MarketAnd my Farmers’ Market finds which I asked Ben to photograph for me: calabrese, two types of kale, red cabbage, red onion, chicken carcass for stock, juicing golden beetroot.


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