Green Tea

I can now say that I am a green tea convert! YAY!

I’ve written about my struggles with trying to like the stuff before.  It’s so good for you, but I couldn’t appreciate the flavour – it tastes like pond water!

BUT that was until my wonderful friend taught me how to brew green tea properly.  Those teabags which tell you to brew it for 3-5 minutes – they don’t know what they are talking about!

Properly brewed tea, my friend tells me, should be the colour of well-hydrated ‘wee’.  Ok, so it’s not the best description – but she is so right.  Maybe a better description from Whittard is:

“…pale gold…The best green tea is very fresh and sappy – it tastes green and alive offering the experience of drinking the essence of spring.”.

So the trick is to only brew a teabag for 10-15 seconds!  Yes, that’s it: only 10-15 seconds.  And you can reuse the teabag several times.  I’ve been enjoying Teapigs real leaf teabags, and getting 3 cups out of a teabag.  I quickly learned that the second and third brewings don’t need as long as the first which hydrated the leaves and thus took a little longer.

Teapigs, Mao Feng, Green Tea

Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea

At home I’ve been enjoying loose leaf tea from Whittard.

Green tea, mango green tea, mint green tea, flavoured green tea, whittards

Green Tea

I’ve been having the mango tea everyday.  That packet will last me ages because I only use a pinch at a time for a cup – maybe 4-5 leaves in my infuser.  Then I brew it for longer, probably the 3 minutes or so that is recommended.  I will only use that once, then add the leaves to my compost.

Mao Feng, green tea, teapigs

Mao Feng Green Tea

I’ve been drinking 4 cups – well, mugs – of green tea a day.  I think it’s boosting my metabolism, but that might be a placebo effect – I think it is so I see it is.

James Duigan also sings the praise of green tea – although you cut out CRAP: Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods, you are still allowed up to 6 cups of green tea daily:

“green tea also contains caffeine but less than coffee, so you can drink more of it and it has more antioxidants.  Plus it’s a great detoxifier for the body.  It’s especially good at getting rid of metal toxicity…”

Do you drink green tea?  Are you a fan?  How do you brew yours?


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