A week of…breakfast

Hello! Ane Welcome back to my ‘week of…’ posts.  Here is where I show you a selection of [something] that I have been eating all week.  Have a look at my previous week of… posts to see what I’ve been sharing.

New year, new beginnings, so this week I’m sharing my breakfasts with you.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it literally breaks the fast, as you’ve probably gone hours without eating.  You need to eat breakfast (or something) within an hour of waking to really get that metabolism going!

I can’t used to be a porridge and toast girl when I was at university – the same thing every morning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good porridge and toast, BUT… these days I like to change it up a bit.  These posts give me the motivation to do that.

So what did I eat:

a week of, breakfast, breakfast ideas, healthy, vegan, gluten free, I started my week with yummy scrummy scrambled eggs with asparagus.  I added a small dash of sriracha sauce, it’s given me tummy ache before when I’ve eaten it early, but I was ok this time – phew!

eggs, scrambled, asparagus, green tea

scrambled eggs and asparagus

Tuesday was a vegan sweet potato chia pudding, made with almond milk, and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds:

sweet potato, chia, almond milk, pomegranate

sweet potato chia breakfast

Wednesday was chocolatey grain free porridge.  Check out my recipe.

grain free, porridge, chocolate, egg, linseed

Grain free porridge

Thursday I had half a large apple with cottage cheese mixed with strawberry protein powder atop a slice of buckwheat ‘bread’.  Too bad the bread tasted of onion – a savoury option next time!  I was soon hungry when I got into work.

apple, cottage cheese, protein powder, raw health

apple and cottage cheese

Friday, I had the dentist first thing, so I had a bit longer to make myself tempeh with a poached egg with avocado and grilled tomato – yum! This one kept me full for ages!

And, first Farmers’ Market of the year, and what did I buy:

squash, kale, cauliflower, eggs

Farmers’ Market

All organic, I bought: A huge cauliflower, kale: curly and cavolo nero, squashes: uchiki kuri and harlequin, and some free range eggs. I also bought a red cabbage, but I forgot to include it in the picture – oops 🙂

What do you have for breakfast?  Is it always the same, or do you like to change it up a bit?


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2 thoughts on “A week of…breakfast

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