Juice detox

juice detox, juice, fast, detox, fruit juice, vegetable juiceNow it’s the new year everyone is focusing on getting healthier, eating better and exercising more.  The diets start, and it was with this in mind (I guess) that an email popped into my inbox offering a juice detox plan.  With 65% off, I would be sent 6 bottles of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice for 3-5 days! WOW!  I was on the point of signing up, but then…

WAIT – why am I detoxing?

I remembered, I did a detox before Christmas, I ate healthily over Christmas, why do I need a juice detox?

And is a juice fast really the way to go?

Sarah Wilson points out that a

A popular bottled green juice (which is mostly fruit) contains the same amount of sugar as three bowls of Froot Loops.
If fructose is processed by your liver, surely you don’t want to be overloading it with fruit and vegetables 6 times a day!  Surely that’s no better than the alcohol that was consumed over Christmas and New Year?
Now in the spirit of a fair review, Deliciously Ella is all for a Juice Cleanse:
“One of the things I love most about [a juice cleanse] is that it gives your digestive system a break and a chance to reset as juice (unlike normal food) is absorbed straight into the blood stream and therefore bypasses the digestive system. This also means that you get much more goodness from the fruits and vegetables as nothing gets lost along the way, so you absorb many more of the vitamins and minerals and your cells get flooded with all the goodness needed to gently cleanse and heal your body.”
And then, is a detox or cleanse really worth it? Surely that’s what the body is designed to do.  Keri Glassman from A Nutritious Life doesn’t think you need it…

“Our bodies are natural systems built to detox all the time,” she says. “Our liver, skin, urinary system, and gastrointestinal tract are constantly helping to cleanse our bodies through sweat, urine and feces.”

Eating a diet high in fiber, drinking lots of water, and avoiding packaged and processed foods are major ways to keep your body working optimally. “Such a diet will ensure that your body is cleansing as naturally as it can,”

Yes, I really had to persuade myself not to jump on the offer when I saw it, but doing a bit of reading, I think I did the right thing.

Have you done a juice fast or detox?  What are your opinions on them?

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