WIAW: Christmas Day

Ok, Ok, I know, I’ve been slow with this one.  What can I say – the last two Wednesdays were Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!  But I know there are some people out there who would like to know what was eaten on Christmas Day – heck one person even asked me outright!

So without further ado (yes, that’s right, I checked) here is my What I ate on Christmas Day:

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, What I ate, Christmas, Christmas DayI have to apologise for the breakfast picture – I was clearly so excited and keen to get on with my presents that I took a baaaad picture.  It is a small bowl of porridge topped with cacao nibs, alongside a protein hot chocolate to get me started for the day.

Ben and I opened our ‘stocking’ presents, then we were off to my Mum’s for Christmas lunch.

Mum did an amazing spread with turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, pigs in blankets, 5 types of veg, roast potatoes and gravy.  I only took what I needed so my plate consisted of turkey, carrots, swede and brussels sprouts, as a special treat I had a bit of the turkey liver – yum!  That was enough to leave me full, and I wasn’t sure I could finish all my veg – ok, I’m an eating lightweight!

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, Christmas lunch

WIAW Christmas lunch

After dinner we watched the Queen’s speech and then went for a walk before opening more presents and playing games.

My Nan opened a huge box of chocolates.  I saved one for later 🙂

In the evening while everyone was enjoying turkey sandwiches (I make awesome turkey sandwiches!) I enjoyed a cashew nut salad – yum!

WIAW, dinner, What I ate, What I ate Wednesday, cashew, onion, peasIt had leftover peas from lunch, riced raw cauliflower, red onion, topped with cashews.

What did you eat on Christmas Day?  Did you stick with your healthy eating plans – or did you go all out and have a good time?


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