Top 10 posts of 2013

Hello all you lovely people!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Are you making your way through a ton of leftovers?  Are you perhaps desperate to get back to the gym?  I know I am.  The weather has been rubbish as well as being busy.  I’ve turned my Mum’s living room into an exercise studio every morning for some heart pumping dance moves, followed by some body weight resistance – whoop whoop.

I’ve also got exercise in other ways:



hahaha! Needless to say, I lost 🙂

Anyway, now to my top posts of 2013 – or of all time, as I only started the blog in May.

I’m going to do this a bit unconventially…

Top spot

goes to my About Me page 🙂 Ahh, so you are interested in who I am, huh?

Ben and Emily Hawkes

Our Wedding Day

Second Spot

goes to the Legendary Jonny Black – much loved friend who passed away this year.

Jonny Black, Master Black,

Third place

My WIAW posts rate highly – the What I ate Wednesday community is awesome!

My top What I ate Wednesday post was my Christmas party on a detox post

WIAW, montage, Christmas party, detox, feel sexier in 20 days, 3 course meal, salad, melon, What I ate Wednesday

Remaining places

Now for the remaining recipes

Top Recipe: Miracle Matcha Tea

Green Tea Matcha Powder

Green Tea Powder

2: Vegan Gingerbread loaf

vegan, gingerbread, cake, loaf, ginger, apple puree, caramel

3: Vegan pizza on raw bread

Mushroom Tempeh Chèvre Pizza

4: Midfields Granola Review

Ok, so this is a review rather than a recipe:

Midfields granola breakfast

Midfields granola breakfast

5: A week of breakfasts – gluten free, vegan options

I was surprised and pleased to see a ‘week of’ post up here.  You can see the full collection on my Week of… page

tofu scramble, porridge, strawberry,

Tuesday breakfast

6: Butternut squash ‘cheese’ risotto – vegan, gluten free

butternut squash risotto, peas, red onion

Butternut squash risotto

7: Low fat vegan ‘cheese’ sauce

And, keeping with the theme – a low fat ‘cheese’ sauce

cauliflower, cheese sauce, miso, mustard, nutritionalyeast

low fat ‘cheese’ sauce

So there you have it – my top posts of 2013.  Let’s hope 2014 is even better!  Do you have any other favourite recipes that you’ve seen on here this year?  Anything you want me to tackle in 2014?  Have a great day!


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