A week of…detox: grain free, with vegan and raw meals

First I would like to wish my husband a very happy birthday!

Now to my weekly round-up.  I’ve been on the detox a week now.  If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen some of my delicious meals.

Day-to-day my hunger has decreased.  I guess it’s all the good fats filling me up.  But I now know why you are supposed to do gentle exercise and not overtrain – I’m finding my usual classes HARD! I guess it’s the reduction in carbs and wholegrains.

It’s been a change.  I’m finding it, not exactly hard, but different doing ‘raw ’til 4′ because it means vegan protein until my It’s evening meal, and I don’t want to overdose on tofu, and I can’t cook my tempeh.

So, what did I eat?

week of, detox, grain free, raw, smoothie, mousse, healthy, vegan

week of…montage

I don’t want to bore you by going into detail meal by meal , so I’ll select a few of my favourites:

chocolate mousse, chocolate chip mousse, breakfast, detox, healthy

Detox breakfast

My very first meal was a chocolate chip mousse.  It was raw and vegan and a great day to start the day. Made with raw cacao powder, almond milk, chia seeds, protein powder and either walnuts or cashew nuts depending on the day.  Sprinkled with cacao nibs for some crunch.

mousse, maqui, breakfast, fruit, blueberries, vegan, dairy free

detox maqui mousse

I bought the maqui berry powder especially – the mousse was amazing.  Recipe on Nancy’s website.

trail mix, detox, pumpkin seeds, cashew, cacao nibs

detox trail mix

For something to nibble I made some of my own trail mix with pumpkin seeds (pepitas), cashew nuts and cacao nibs.  Again with herbal tea.

cauliflower rice, pilaf, grain free, detox, herbs, venison

detox grain free pilaf

I made a grain free ‘pilaf’ with cauliflower, lightly steamed, flavoured with an avocado and lemon sauce and fresh herbs, served with a grilled venison fillet.

detox, tomato and basil soup, pepper, cabbage, spring greens, sardine and vegan cheese,

detox soup and wraps

We always have soup night, so this week my cooked meal for the night was homemade tomato, pepper and basil soup with spring greens wraps on the side.  They were filled with a homemade sardine and vegan cheese pate.

I wasn’t expecting to get along to the Farmers’ Market this week, but my meeting finished early.  Because I hadn’t planned to go, there wasn’t much I needed, so I just picked up a bag of hungry gap kale, a couple of carrots, and some brussels sprouts, all organic of course!

Farmers' market, organic, kale, carrots, sprouts

Farmers’ Market

What were your favourite meals this week?  Are there any other pictures in my montage that you want more info on?


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