Detox: Feel sexier in 20 days

So who’s detoxing before Christmas?  I told you in my latest Kitchen Love post that I bought the Detox: Feel Sexier in 20 Days.  Have you come across Nancy Chalmers? I first read her blog when she was taking part in the The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project, and that was how the email dropped into my inbox.

The idea behind the latest eBook is that by detoxing for the 20 days before Christmas, when the big day comes you will be feeling super, sexy and healthy. You’re not fasting, you’re eating good, clean, wholesome and natural food.  What’s not to love?  And it’s only for 20 days! (Or less if you took a bit longer to get on the band wagon like me!)

Nancy Chalmers, Detox, Wolf and Willow, Sexy Super NaturalIn the book Nancy presents her 10 rules of good health, or 10 commandments, if you will:

detox: 10 rules to good healthI’m not going to go into details here, that would be rude – Nancy’s trying to earn a living here.  But you get the picture.

Nancy has some delicious recipes – some raw, some vegan, some vegetarian but all delicioulsy nutrient dense!

In particular I am working on increasing my intake of water to 3 litres a day.  I’m cutting out tea and coffee.

I’ve decided, that at least for the start of the detox I will do the “Raw ‘Til 4” – meaning that until 4pm I eat a raw vegan diet – I can include cooked meats, eggs, vegies after then.

So to get started, in my weekly shopping I bought:

Detox shopping, almond milk, walnuts, coconut, eggs, fresh vegetables, organicI forgot to photograph the organic free range chicken breast.  Of course, I already have organic kale from the Farmer’s market, sustainably caught tuna and a number of other ingredients on Nancy’s detox shopping list.

OK, there are a few ingredients that you may not already keep in your kitchen – Maqui powder was a new one on me.  I had heard of acai berries, and maqui are similiar, if not even more nutrient dense.  Nancy promotes green powders, and I was pleased to say that I already have spirulina in my kitchen, although it has been neglected a bit of late since I’ve not been drinking smoothies.

After I read the book I had a few questions.  I knew from previously following Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar, that pumpkin was allowed, in fact positively encouraged.  You’ll remember that I recently bought a load of squashes from the Farmer’s Market, so I didn’t want them to go to waste.  I took to facebook to ask Nancy some questions.  She was brilliant, and got back to me quickly with a great explanation:

I love including sweet potatoes and pumpkins into my diet once I’ve reached my goal weight. If you’re not looking to lose any weight during the detox, I would definitely include them – they are full of goodness.

Was I happy with that? Yes, of course, but I had more questions…are other seeds such as buckwheat and amaranth allowed on the detox.  Again Nancy got back to me so quickly.

Quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth are great too, but again, I would limit complex carbohydrates if i’m trying to lose weight – say, once of twice a week at most…t will increase your glycogen after eating and you don’t want to do that too much when re-setting your metabolism and weaning yourself off sugar and hi GI carbs.

Anyone else detoxing for Christmas?  Or are you going all out and already enjoying silly season? 🙂


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