WIAW: A man’s world

So I suggested last week that we have a takeover, so today I hand over my blog to my lovely husband.  I was away this weekend so I left him to it – with strict instructions to let me know if he was using up anything so I could replace it.  So what did he get up to…?

So Emily has asked to be her guest blogger on the male takeover for what I ate Wednesdays.

As Emily has probably told you I can be fussy about what I eat and what form it comes in. So last Saturday I had the day to myself as Emily went out with my parents for the day. So I was left to my own devices and to fend for myself.


When it comes to breakfast I tend to have the same thing wherever I may be in the world and that it is cereal. If we are at a hotel, I may have cooked breakfast or toast or something, but for the most part I start every day with two bowls of cereal. When it comes to the cereal I like I usually go for the non-sugar coated stuff like shreddies, cornflakes or Weetabix. I also like to mix different combinations just to make it interesting. So this morning I had Weetabix and shreddies in my first bowl and then a bowl of oats both with semi-skimmed milk.103_6927[1]103_6931[1]


When it comes to lunch it’s a bit like breakfast in that I tend to have the same thing day in day out.  My lunch consisted of a couple of sandwiches and a packet of crisps if Emily was making it for me she usually makes a side salad to go with it but I tend not to. My sandwich fillings of choice are peanut butter in one and something else like some sliced meat from the supermarket.  Usually I like to use butter when making my sandwiches but I left it in the fridge so it was still too hard to spread. The bread I’ve used is Hovis seeded wholegrain as I usually buy any granary bread for my sandwiches.image (3)


When it comes to dinner Emily is usually in charge and I occasionally help with preparation but this time I was doing the whole thing myself. As I was busy doing uni work all day I decided to cook a meal that didn’t require me spending a lot of time in the kitchen so I made a simple chicken stew in the slow cooker, served with mash potato and broccoli (and a beer) and some ben and jerry’s ice cream for Dessert. image (2)image


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3 thoughts on “WIAW: A man’s world

  1. WIAW #9 Winter Warmers | Queen Bee's Kitchen November 27, 2013 at 11:31 am Reply

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  2. Sherri S November 28, 2013 at 5:44 pm Reply

    I really enjoyed your takeover segment on WIAW and hopefully others will follow suit. It’s interesting (funny) to see the difference in posting.

    • Emily Hawkes November 29, 2013 at 7:08 am Reply

      Haha! Thanks 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. I mentioned the idea to Jenn, and she’s on board, so we might have another boy’s take over soon 🙂

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