DIY: Chalkboard wall

How do you fancy a bit of DIY for a Friday?  Since we bought a new house we have been learning a bit about DIY.  Mostly that we’re not very good at it.

When I was using Pinterest to come up with some ideas for kitchens, I came across the idea of using chalkboard paint to create noticeboards.  In the flat I would often leave a post-it note stuck to the corner of the dining room table with a reminder or note for Ben.

I thought this would be a good project to start on – not too difficult, and build ourselves up from there.

I considered painting some of the cupboards doors, Ben vetoed that idea.  It may well have been too dark.

I then considered doing a large chalk board – but worried it would be too much black.

So, inspired by Peas and Crayons and Oh She Glows I went with a gallery wall idea.

chalkboard, gallery, paint, DIY, Do It Yourself

I started by buying some cheap frames in two different sizes.  I went for the vintage weathered look which I thought would suit our kitchen.

We plotted where we wanted them to go (Ok, Mum and I plotted) and drew some pencil lines to give Ben the space in which I wanted him to paint.  I wish now I had paid attention to Jenn’s advice and used the toothpaste trick instead of pencil lines)

On went the paint, and then 13 hours later (that’s what it said on the tin) on went a second coat.

Ben went to position the frames, and low and behold he hadn’t painted far enough out and you could see the wall behind.

chalkboard, DIY, paint, frames, gallery

first paint attempt

Ben touched up the outside with a paint brush rather than the roller.  Another wait for it to dry, and Ben put up the frames using a hardware store version of ‘No More Nails’.  He had even gone out and bought a set level to make sure they are straight.

Ben neglected to realise that gravity was at work in our house, and the frames slowly started to slip down the wall.  So I had Ben looking like a naughty schoolboy, stood facing the wall while the glue set.

And guess what,  now Ben painted too far, and the black paint sticks out beyond the frame.  And the glue slippage has left some rather unsightly glue marks around the edge of the two that slipped.

Now I don’t want to apportion blame here, but I guess I’ve learned not to leave a job to a man and get it done to my high standards.

chalkboard, blackboard, chalk, wall, DIY, Do it yourself, gallery


Ben promised he would try to get the excess paint off the walls, and sand down the glue peaks…I wonder if this will act as a reminder?

Are you into DIY?  What was your first ever DIY project?


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