Rice flour pancake spring rolls, with tempeh and veg: vegan, gluten free

I bought a packet of Dragon Rice Flour Pancakes back in the summer.  I’d seen them on Deliciously Ella and thought I would give it a go.  They sat in a cupboard until we moved house – then they were moved to a new cupboard.

It sounded good – gluten free and light, but in practice I was concerned that as they are made from rice flour and tapioca starch, they would be high GI – not sustaining and with a blood sugar peak and crash.  True to my concerns they have no fibre, but they are gluten free and vegan, so worth a shot with the right filling.

I went for a filling of quinoa, chickpeas, tempeh and vegetables – possibly not my best idea to date 🙂

rice wraps, rice flour, pancakes, Blue Dragon, quinoa, tempeh, chickpea

a little overfilled perhaps?

Now, as you can see from the picture above, my wraps did improve.  I started with the very overfilled and split wrap, my second attempt was the one above it with the ends still open, and finally, third time lucky the one on the bottom left.  That’s not to say it was any easier to eat though 😦

rice flour, wraps, pancakes, Blue Dragon, quinoa, salad, chickpeasWhen they come out of the packet they are solid, and require brief soaking in warm water.  The packed said 10-15 seconds, but Ella recommended only a couple of seconds – perhaps I oversoftened mine.  I suspect the first one was in the water longer than 15 seconds…

Blue Dragon, Rice flour, wrap, pancake, rice paperThe recipe says you can fry them once made – it goes without saying that that wasn’t going to happen in my house…sorry!

Now, thinking along the lines of nori rolls, I thought I would make a slightly wet/tomatoey filling of courgettes, aubergine, quinoa, chickpea and tempeh.  Ok, so it’s not authentic, but I read that they go well with italian flavours – who says that rice flour wraps can’t be mixed with flavours from another cuisine – I’m not even sure what cuisine I was going for…

The trouble was that they didn’t hold together, they just sort of fell apart.  I’m not sure if it was the wet filling, or overly wet wraps??

I think next time I’ll go along with Ella’s suggestion of filling with solid ingredients, and soaking for a shorter amount of time – I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Have you tried these – and do you know where I went wrong?  Have you any suggestions for fillings?

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