Operation Christmas Child

Sorry for the delay in getting my post out – We’ve been away for the weekend.  I’ve posted everyday since I started my blog, so I’m not about to miss one now.

It’s Shoebox Sunday at my church (I sent mine in advance).  I’ve taken part in Operation Christmas Child since I was at Primary School.  I’ve definitely done each year since I left home and went to University.

The idea is that you fill a shoebox with gifts for a 2-14 year old (there are age categories) boy or girl.

I usually do on for a boy – but this year I went pink for a girl (sorry for the cliche – but my thoughts are if you only get one present, I might as well go stereotypical – plenty of girls out there like pink).

shoebox, Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, OCC, shoebox appeal

My shoebox

Why do I do it?

When I was a kid I was really upset by the idea that children in other countries didn’t get a Christmas present.  I was keen to make sure that one more child had a happy Christmas.

Since I hit secondary school and I started giving presents with my own money – I enjoy shopping for presents – I am one of those people who love to give a gift – the joy on the persons face is better than a present.

It might not be too late – the last UK day for drop off is 18th November (tomorrow) – find out your nearest drop off point (UK only) or donate online.

shoebox, operation christmas child, shoebox appeal, samaritan's purse, contents, girl, 4-8


So what’s in there?

  • pink scarf and hat
  • pink flannel and bar of wrapped soap
  • notebook, with pencil case, pens and pencils
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • pack of colouring pencils
  • make your own finger puppets, with sticky tabs to put them together (no scissors or liquid glue allowed)
  • pack of sweets (not chocolate) with use by date after March next year
  • Christmas card signed by us

I hope she likes it.

Have you ever taken part in the Shoebox appeal?  What would be the perfect present in your shoebox?


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One thought on “Operation Christmas Child

  1. […] I was glad he did. I got to meet more people, and I took a pack for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal, which I love to do every year. […]

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