olive and sundried tomato farinata: vegan, gluten free

Ok, ok so it’s another socca.  It seems it is the same thing.  Ah well, a change is as good as a rest.

If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen that I got my dehydrator out again.  I wanted to make some ‘sundried’ tomatoes – yum!

In honour of Remembrance Day they remind me of the red of poppies.  Don’t forget your two minute silence.

dehydrator, tomato

When we had our housewarming parties, one of my friends brought he most amazing olive and tomato bread.  I don’t eat bread (or I try not to) so I had to make my own version.

I dried some tomatoes on my dehydrator.  I chopped a handful (ok, more than a handful – my hands aren’t that big) of cherry tomatoes in half and put them on the dehydrator in the morning.  Ben turned them off at lunchtime and by the time I got home I had perfect dried tomatoes with no added salt or oil – fab!

I used my new trick of adding a touch of cider vinegar to the socca/farinata batter.  It rose brilliantly, but then I got a bit over-keen and flipped it before it was ready – oops.

olove, tomato, socca, chickpea, gram flour, farinataOk, so it didn’t turn out as perfectly as I had hopped – it still tasted goo!

Olive and dried tomato farinata

  • 40g gram flour
  • 4-5 black olives in brine, drained
  • small handful of semi-dried tomatoes
  • pinch bicarbonate of soda
  • 1tsp apple cider vinegar

Finely chop the olives and tomatoes.  Stir together the soda and gram flour and add the apple cider vinegar and about 120ml of water. Stir in the chopped tomatoes and olives.  Pour the batter into a heated and lightly oiled frying pan.  Turn down to medium heat and cover with a glass lid until the top starts to set and bubbles appear on the top.  Flip and cook for a couple of minutes.  Serve.

Have you ever used a dehydrator?  What should I get on to drying next?


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2 thoughts on “olive and sundried tomato farinata: vegan, gluten free

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