A week of…breakfasts: vegan, gluten free

Oh, I thought we would go back to a week of breakfasts for this week’s summary post.  Having said that, I set myself the challenge of having some sort of squash every day – you know to use it up – did you see the amount of squash I bought? So you could also call it a week of squash.

So here you have it, my week of post:


I started my week with what I considered a very ‘Canadian’ breakfast, it was inspired by some blogs I read, in particular Kath Eats Real Food.  I had gram flour/socca pancakes, egg and egg white with cinnamon kabocha and apple with a little drizzle of maple syrup.

socca, gram flour, egg, kabocha squash, apple

Monday breakfast


I was inspired by a Facebook post from my lovely reader Becky – a pumpkin smoothie.  I went back to the recipes I used in the summer with banana, kabocha, protein shake (a whole packet) and some plain fat free Greek yogurt.  If you want to make it vegan sub out the yogurt for almond milk, and make sure your protein powder is vegan.

smoothie, shake, protein, vanilla, squash, pumpkin, kabocha, banana

Tuesday breakfast


Oat Pancakes made with crown prince squash, egg, yogurt and a touch of bicarbonate of soda.  On the side I made a banana soft serve with some more squash thrown in.

pancakes, oats, gluten free, banana soft serve, banana ice cream, kabocha

Wednesday breakfast


I haven’t had a chia breakfast pudding for a while, so I made one with crown prince squash, banana and almond milk.  In the morning I stirred in some plain Greek yogurt (you could happily sub in a vegan alternative or leave out altogether), topped with cinnamon and buckwheat.

week of, breakfast, Thursday, chia, pudding, almond milk, squash, buckwheat, banana

Thursday breakfast


I didn’t make it to a full week of squash breakfasts – to end out the week I had banana egg white porridge, with a dry fried egg on the side.  I was really pleased with the way my egg turned out.  I didn’t think the top would set, or I would break it in the process of flipping it, but when I cut into it, it was juuuust right! I topped my porridge with a little walnut butter.

porridge, week of, banana, egg white, fried egg, dry fry, walnut butter, nut butter

Friday breakfast

Before I show you what I bought at this week’s Farmer’s market, I have to give an honourable mention to this amazing bread that my Mum bought at Tiverton Pannier Market last week:

slow bread

And this week I bought:

spaghetti squash, venison steak, chicken carcass, fresh horseradish, kale

Farmer’s market

I bought some venison steaks (from a Red Deer apparently) a chicken carcass to make stock, a bag of kale, and my two favourite finds, fresh horseradish (I almost blew off my head when I had a nibble) and a spaghetti squash – yay!!! I found one.  The lady on the stall was surprised I recognised it (“Is that a spaghetti Squash?” “Yes, well done”) in fact so was I 🙂  Can’t wait to get stuck into that one!

What was your favourite breakfast this week? Do you change it up, or stick to an ‘old faithful’?


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