Week of…leftovers

Mmm…leftovers.  When I was growing up I used to love it when my parents had friends round for dinner.

1. Usually someone would bring my sister and I up a midnight feast, and we’d feel so cool and grown up

2. More than that was the leftovers the next day.  We would usually start with chocolate gateaux or cheesecake for breakfast (yes, I know!) and onwards and upwards from there!

So I wouldn’t eat gateaux for breakfast anymore, in fact I probably wouldn’t eat it full stop, but I still love the challenge of turning leftovers into something tasty.  I wouldn’t just serve up the same thing, but somehow turn it into something new and hopefully delicious.

So, after our Halloween Housewarmings last week, I had A LOT of leftovers. What did I do with them:

week of, leftovers, chilli sandwich, peanut puffs, saladSo I started by making Ben’s lunch with leftover bread, grilled with leftover cheese (from making witches fingers) and topped with chilli.  I added a bit more cheese and stuck it under the grill.  The chilli had already been heated twice (cooked in advance then reheated) so I wasn’t taking any chances with cooking it again.  I served it with leftover salad and baby fingers peanut puffs.

bread pudding, tropical, almonds, chocolate and cherry, pineappleWe had a lot of bread and fruit juice left over, so I made a couple of bread puddings to take to work.  We had some jam doughnuts left too – so I threw them in there.  I soaked one with pineapple juice, and made a pineapple custard. I threw in some raisins and almonds.  The other I flavoured with cherry juice and cacao powder, with a chocolate cherry custard and glace cherries.

leftover, week of, hodge podge, sausage, stew, jacket potatoes, bread, salad, cauliflowerFor dinner that night it was a bit of a hodge podge.  I didnt’ feel great about reheating the sausages, so I removed them from the stew and served them cold on the leftover bread. It was olive and sundried tomato and it was lovely!  I stirred the stew into the potato flesh from the jacket potato and piled back into the skins and baked in the oven until hot.  I topped with a little more cheese, and served with more salad, and steamed brains cauliflower.

banana, soft serve, pancakesAfter the party I froze the banana ghosts, so I was able to enjoy some banana soft serve with gram flour pancakes (socca) and a cup of fruit tea.

chilli, leftover, week of, leftoversI really did have a load of jacket potatoes and chilli left, this time I made potato wedges with the remaining jackets, topped with chilli, and I made a red wine sauce to warm it up and add a bit more 🙂

loftovers, bread, soup, pastry, baguette, salsaI used remaining bread, salsa and mozzarella to make a pizza bread.  I used some of the puff pastry to make pastry hearts for topping the soup.

Do you like leftovers?  Do you eat them as a repeat, or do you like to do something differently?  What’s your favourite?


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