socca lasagne; gluten free, vegan version

Since I stopped eating wheat I miss lasagne.  I haven’t found a wholemeal version of lasagne sheets.  I have a good 100% brown rice or buckwheat substitute for noodles or spaghetti.  A good buckwheat substitute for pasta shapes – they are fusilli, but that’s ok by me.

So I was pondering the idea, and then it came to me… You know how much I am loving socca lately.  I’ve used the basic recipe in sweet and savoury dishes.  It’s served me as a pancake, ‘omelette’, as a bread substitute for sandwiches and a side for soup.  If you want to know a secret: I’ve even used it as a dumpling – but more of that to come soon!

I wondered if it would work as a lasagne…

socca, lasagne, gluten free, pancake,Ok, so it could have been better.  I learned some lessons – like make the pancakes first, don’t be clever and pour the mixture over the filling, or keep the batter thin so you get a thin layer of pancake between your filling.  But yes – it was still good!

lasagne, socca, chickpea, gram flour, mince, gluten free

Socca lasagne

  • Simply make your savoury socca.  50g of chickpea flour and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda should do the trick for 3 mini layers/sheets, use more if you want bigger pancakes.
  • Meanwhile make your filling – you could do a traditional mince beef ragu, a vegetarian/vegan lentil filling, or change it up with a creamy chicken or ham version.
  • Starting with socca on the bottom, pour over half the filling.
  • Repeat and finish with a socca.  Top with a sprinkle of mozarella cheese or vegan alternative.
  • Bake in the oven until the filling is bubbling, and the mozzarella is melted and golden.
  • Serve with a side of green vegetables

If you are gluten free, what do you use for a lasagne noodle alternative?  What is your favourite lasagne filling?


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2 thoughts on “socca lasagne; gluten free, vegan version

  1. myjourneythrume October 31, 2013 at 7:54 am Reply

    This looks great! I’ve never tried making socca but all your posts about it is making me really want to! I’ve used Tesco free from lasagne sheets to make gluten free lasagne , bit of a faff as have to pre boil them but tasted great.

    • Emily Hawkes October 31, 2013 at 8:35 am Reply

      Ooh, I’ll have to check them out, but I would much rather have a wholegrain option where possible. I know, I am now a little socca obsessed 🙂 A quick tip I use for regular dried lasagne, is to lay them out side by side on a baking tray and cover in boiling water for about 30 minutes while you prepare the filling – saves on pre-boiling.

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