WIAW: Halloween party

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Today is the last October Halloween themed What I ate Wednesday from Peas and Crayons.  And because its Halloween tomorrow today’s theme is the food I served at my Halloween parties at the weekend.

It’s not a full documentation of what I ate, so I hope you will forgive me, but here is a selection of what we ate 🙂

WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, Halloween, party

Of course, it had to be Halloween themed.  You can see the clementine pumpkins and banana ghosts.  I made a yogurt jelly using a brain mold and some pumpkin molds, I forgot to take individual photos of those.

You can just see in the photo there is my pumpkin curry served in a carved out pumpkin and chilli con carne with rice – great Halloween and Bonfire Night food.

Halloween, WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, party food

I particularly liked this idea of serving a green dip as a face with crackers for dipping.  I failed to make a guacamole, but stirred some shop bought pesto into a garlic and onion dip that someone brought along.

dip and chips, crackers, WIAW, What I ate Wednesday, HalloweenI made witches fingers by sandwiching mozzarella cheese between pieces of puff pastry, slicing into finger shapes and sticking an almond ‘nail’ on the end.  I used ‘lighter’ puff pastry, but any will do.  I’ve made my own in the past – but when you are catering for lots of people it’s easier to buy ready made. You could add ketchup to make them bloody.

puff pastry, cheese straw, halloween, fingers, witch, almond, cheese strawWith the rest of the puff pastry I made sausage mummies by cutting it into strips and wrapping around half a chipolata.

sausage, sausage rolls, mummies, WIAW, HalloweenAnother quick win was boiling eggs, slicing in half and topping with a slice of black olive to create eyeballs.  I dusted with nutmeg as I had run out of paprika, which I would normally use.  If you have time you could add some cream cheese and spices to the yolk and pipe back in to make devilled eggs.  You could paint on veins with red food dye.

egg, eyes, Halloween, oliveI must have too much time on my hands because somehow I found time to carve my carrots into witches fingers.  Once I started I kind of regretted it, and I wonder how many people noticed 🙂  I made brains out of cauliflower, which I trailed with red food dye, but it did leave me red handed!  I used the olive trick to turn the cucumber slices into ‘eyeballs’.  I made a quick job of carving a green pepper and filling with salsa – you could be as elaborate as you like.

Halloween, WIAW, dip, salsa, carrot, fingers, eyeballs, cucumber, cauliflower, brainsIn addition to the pumpkin cake I shared on Monday, I also made a chocolate cheesecake using low fat yogurt, and oreo cookie base.

Chocolate, cheesecake, oreo, Halloween, ghost, Haunted

What are your favourite Halloween Treats?

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2 thoughts on “WIAW: Halloween party

  1. Queen Bee's Kitchen October 30, 2013 at 12:31 pm Reply

    Oh my gosh it all looks great! I would love to have been at that Halloween party 🙂 High Five!!

    • Emily Hawkes October 30, 2013 at 1:50 pm Reply

      Thank you! It was worth the effort (I think).

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