WIAW: keeping busy

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Thank you to Jenn for hosting again this week.

The theme for this weeks What I Ate Wednesday is what I ate on a busy day.  Yep, this is a sample of my eats on one of my days off last week. It just happens that it was a vegetarian day, and there are vegan and gluten free options if that floats your boat.

But first I’ll start with a spooky snack.

spooky snack, Halloween, WIAW, avocado, tuna

spooky snack

I was inspired by Peas and Crayons last week to make this avocado face on pumpernickel bread with tinned tuna for hair.  So cute.  I could have added sriracha or ketchup blood 🙂

I used the pumpernickel bread I brought back from Germany.  It needed using, but as I try to avoid gluten I’ve been keeping it.  It will feature again on this blog – it was a different day though.

WIAW, breakfast, socca, egg, tomatoI was up early (as ever) so I made myself a chickpea pancake with gram flour, and topped it with a poached egg, and cooked tomatoes on the side.  Served with my peppermint and liquorice cocoa and a glass of water. This started my day right!

I then walked over to the flat – about 1 mile away – to do some cleaning.  Hoovering, scrubbing etc awaited me.

I was booked into a morning combat class so I had a protein ‘mocha’ as I walked to the gym.

WIAW, snack, mocha, protein, coffee, chocolateI wondered what would happen if I made my usual protein shake with filter coffee instead of water.  I made a cafetiere of filter coffee in the morning, cooled it and separated into portions.  I chose a chocolate sachet so it would create a mocha. It was really good, and definitely woke me up before my class.

After combat, I mooched around town getting a few bits and pieces, and then went home for lunch.

soup, sandwich, lunch, bean, squash, cottage cheeseI shared this lunch as part of my Week of post.  The soup was made with cannellini beans, uchiki kuri squash and onion, and the sandwich was pumpernickel bread, cottage cheese with a drizzle of tahini paste and slices of beetroot.

Germany, pumpernickelI used to enjoy rye bread, so when I saw this little packed of authentic pumpernickel in Germany I just had to buy it.  But because I don’t eat gluten I have been putting off eating it.  How did I feel?  As a one off I was ok – but as you saw earlier I had a slice for a snack the next day, and another couple of slices the day after that.  I’ve kept away from the gluten since.  Some people are ok with Rye and other glutens, but have a problem with wheat gluten.  I’m not sure how much of it is psychosomatic with me…?

Ben came home from Uni so we went shopping in the afternoon for some bits and pieces for the house.  We picked out a new (bigger) bed and a new sofa as ours has been on borrowed time for a while now.

I had a yoga class in the evening so I made a snack of yogurt, banana and a sprinkle of oats to take with us.

WIAW, yogurt, yoghurt, snack, bananaCan you tell I’m taking the photo in the car?

After yoga it was late so I made a quick stir fry

WIAW, stir fry, tofu, noodlesI served previously frozen tofu (it makes it firmer) with carrots, peas and sliced red pepper over buckwheat noodles, with a sauce made from peanut butter and tamari sauce.  Quick and yummy!

So that kept me going all day.  What do you have to keep you going when you have a busy day ahead?


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2 thoughts on “WIAW: keeping busy

  1. Julie October 24, 2013 at 5:49 am Reply

    Love the spooky snack!

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