Brody’s: Review

As I was on holiday last week I took Ben to Brody’s.  I’ve passed it several times on my lunch break.  I was taken by the toasters on the tables – I love the novelty of it all.



Ben works a couple of nights a week, so I caught the train and met him when he finished work.  Brody’s opens at 8am, so we killed some time while we waited for it to open 🙂

photo boothThe door was unlocked, so they let us in a couple of minutes early.  There are options from just drinks, to a full fry-up with pancakes, yogurt, toast and cereal.  Ben chose the Pancake and Yogurt option which also allows unlimited toast and cereal; and I had unlimited drinks as I had breakfast before I crossed town to catch the train.

toast, pancakes, cerealWe were shown how to use the pancake machine.  Simply press the button, and after a few minutes you get two perfectly cooked American Style pancakes.  You can then top them with a variety of sauces and jam or low fat yogurt.

pancake, cereal, Brody's, toppings, sauces

pancakes and toppings

Ben made the most of it, and enjoyed cereal, pancakes, toast and even crumpets

toast, crumpets, Brody's

toast and crumpets

Not a terribly vegan friendly joint – I could only find semi skimmed cow’s milk, but then I didn’t ask if they had soya or almond or even skimmed milk.

With breakfast bars it really encourages communal dining.  A bit like a sushi bar, you could end up sat next to strangers, or come with a group.

Ben was impressed with his breakfast, and said that he will put forward the idea of going after work.

Ben, Brody's, tea

Enjoying himself with a hot tea

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