A week of…lunches

As I have mentioned, we moved house last weekend.  So I’ve had the week off work so that I can clean the flat before we hand back the keys, and we can sort out the new house.

As I’ve been at home for lunch with a full kitchen to hand, I have been able to enjoy some nice lunches – hot food, with time to prepare.  Yay!

So what have I been eating this week?

Monday – tofu & rice over lettuce with soya beans, flavoured with miso paste and topped with avocado for creaminess

tofu, soya, rice, week of, lunch, salad

Monday tofu, edamame rice and salad

Tuesday – squash and bean soup, made by sautéing some onions, adding in cooked uchicki kuri flesh and some light tahini paste. On the side I had a cottage cheese and beetroot sandwich on pumpernickel bread that I brought back from Germany, with another drizzle of tahini – about one heaped teaspoon in all.

soup, sandwich, lunch, bean, squash, cottage cheese

Tuesday soup and sandwich

Wednesday – Mmm…Wednesday was probably my favourite meal.  A cooked vegetarian breakfast for lunch.  I remembered Angela’s recipe for socca contained bicarbonate of soda which I forgot to put in, I tried it this time and it made it so much more light and airy.  I topped it with a poached egg and extra egg white. I had a small portion of reduced salt and sugar baked beans, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes – Ah-maze-ing!  For vegan just leave out the egg.

Wednesday lunch, socca, chickpea, egg, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes

Thursday – I was going to do a Zen bowl on Thursday, but the idea developed more into a nicoise salad – with tinned tuna and a soft boiled egg – over lettuce,  quinoa and cucumber slices, topped with avocado.

tuna, egg, salad, quinoa

Thursday nicoise salad lunch

Friday – Finally, to round of the week, I had a noochy mushroom omelette with sweet potato chips and sriracha sauce for dipping. With a side salad of lettuce, avocado, peas and cucumber.

nutritional yeast, omlette, omlete, omelette

Mmm…lots of lovely veggies.

sweet potato, chips, omelette, salad, peas

Friday lunch omelette and sweet potato chips

My favourite was definitely Wednesday, which day would you have liked best?


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3 thoughts on “A week of…lunches

  1. myjourneythrume October 19, 2013 at 6:02 am Reply

    Definitely Wednesday! Looks amazing.

  2. […] shared this lunch as part of my Week of post.  The soup was made with cannellini beans, uchiki kuri squash and onion, and the sandwich was […]

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