Zero noodles review: gluten free, vegan

Ok, so they appear to be against everything I believe in.  Virtually calorie free noodles?  Too good to be true?

The website claims that they are:

“Calorie (Net) Free Saturated Fat Free Carbohydrate (Net) Free Sugar Free Wheat Free Gluten Free Soy Free & Vegan”

I have it drilled into Ben – if you see low fat – think ‘chemical sh1t storm’!

chemical shit storm, low fat, fat freeSo how do I feel about something that is free of pretty much everything.  Not great.  But in the interests of this blog post I bought some, and Ben and I ate them for dinner one night.

Apparently they have been used in Asia for aeons, they are high in soluble fibre and have been shown to help stabilise blood sugar levels.  They are made from a root plant called the Konjac plant and are classed as a vegetable.  So like my zucchini/courgette noodles (????).

zero noodlesWell, enough about what they are, what did we think?

I was told by the lady selling them that they are ok, as long as you rinse them well, and use lots of flavourings.

zero noodles

zero noodles

Not exactly very appetising looking.  Mind you, I guess nor are rice noodles – they don’t look dissimilar.

To flavour them up I made a sort of beef minestrone soup, and had half the packet each.

zero noodle soup, soup, beef, minestrone

zero noodle soup

Though we had half a packet each, Ben had more soup, so you can’t see the noodles as well.  I served both with carbohydrate – I had a socca, Ben had garlic bread to make up for the lack of carbs in the noodles.  Probably defeats the point???

Served with tomato based soup, with pieces of casserole beef, spinach and a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices, they weren’t bad.  They had more texture than I expected.  A bit of ‘bite’, more so than egg/wheat noodles, and more like rice glass noodles.

Against my better judgement, I quite liked them.  Ben ate all of his, and when pressed he said that they didn’t have much flavour, but that the soup made up for that.  I may have already mentioned what the lady in the shop said, so he may have been prejudiced.  I don’t know if he would even have commented if I hadn’t told him what they were from the outset.

Would I buy them again?  Probably not, I just can’t be convinced that they are healthy, and they have a hefty price tag, thought I did get some money off mine.  Maybe if they were selling off, and at a push.

What do you think?  Good idea, or too good to be true?

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