Super socca sandwich, gluten free, vegan

Oh, I’m seriously loving chickpea pancakes.  After trying them in the past I had relegated them to ‘never try again’ but then I found this recipe and now they’ve become one of my favourite things.

I miss toasted sandwiches since I stopped eating bread.  In fact I miss lots of sandwiches.  I drool over look at so many food blogs and see delicious sandwiches, and feel just a little bit sad.  Ok, I know it’s not the end of the world, but I am a little bit sad, a little bit. 😦

BUT, no more!

I decided that I would try turning these delicious pancakes/chickpea bread into a warm sandwich.

socca, pancake, chickpea, flour, gram flour, tomato tempehIt worked better than I thought.

  1. Put some tempeh (marinated if preferred) on the grill.
  2. I made two soccas (is the plural of socca soccas?) out of the recipe recipe above (see link).  I removed the first and put it to one side to keep warm.
  3. I then made the second socca.
  4. Once I flipped it I topped with slices of organic tomato, mozzarella (vegan if required) and the thinly sliced tempeh.
  5. Topped with spinach, and the other socca. and heat until the socca is cooked and the cheese is melted.

socca, chickpea, gram floour, gluten free bread, tomato, spinach, tempehYum, yum, yum.  Remove from the pan, slice and enjoy!

socca, soca, sandwich, gluten free, bread, Shh… do you want to know a secret?  Ben and I are completing on our first house today!  Yes, we will be on the property ladder!  The big move is tomorrow (ok, ok, it’s only a mile away), and we are roping in our family to help.  Maybe I’ll make lots of these to keep us going all day 🙂

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?


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One thought on “Super socca sandwich, gluten free, vegan

  1. redi71 March 21, 2014 at 11:25 am Reply

    you gave me such great ideas how to vary my eating. thank you

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