Kitchen love: Thing’s I’m loving lately

I think it’s time for me to produce a new list of I’m loving in my kitchen.

1. Unpasturised miso paste

I bought this from Real Foods, just to bump up my order. I’m sooo glad I did.  I’ve been having a teapsoon stirred into hot water to make a simple miso soup with my lunch every day.  The great thing about this brand is that it’s unpasturised, so it’s still full of probiotic bacteria, making it not just tasty, but also great for digestion!

clearspring, miso, unpasturised,

Unpasturised miso paste

2.Two Chicks Egg White

I used to buy this egg white, but hadn’t for a while.  I’ve started eating a bit more protein, and this has been great for getting low fat protein into my diet without having egg yolks backing up in the kitchen. Also great for having on standby for making meringues or macaroons.

egg white

Two Chicks egg white

3. Xylitol

I used xylitol in my healthy chocolate brownies.  It is has 40% less calories than sugar, is great for avoiding blood sugar spikes so is good for those with diabetes, and it’s easy to use in cooking.

xylitol4. Gram flour

Socca has become a favourite for me lately.  I have bought gram flour in the past and I wasn’t that fussed by it.  I think I mentioned that I just had to ‘use it up’ making onion bhajis.  BUT this recipe has made me love gram flour – gluten free, it makes a great alternative to wheat flour.

chickpea flour, gram flour, socca5. Roast vegetables

How can anyone not love this yellow beetroot?  I bought it at the farmer’s market.  They said they didn’t have many because they’re not popular.  How can they not be popular – they look great!

beetroot, golden beetroot, yellow beetroot


I’m enjoying some more hearty salads, with roast vegetables. So this lovely delicata squash has been cropping up since I bought it from the farmer’s market.

delicata squash


6. Pinterest

Ok, so it’s not food, but I’ve finally got into Pinterest.  If I’m not looking for recipes, I’m planning my Halloween party, or trying to decide what my ideal home looks like:  Modern and minimalist, or cosy country cottage?



So that’s my new favourite things?  What are yours?


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3 thoughts on “Kitchen love: Thing’s I’m loving lately

  1. […] remember my Zen bowls?  I made this one with quinoa, curried egg, tomato, and spinach.  topped with avocado and pomegranate.  The jar contains miso paste. […]

  2. […] ingredients are: 98.66% coconut milk, Xylitol (you’ve heard about that on my blog before – good for the teeth), tapioca starch and probiotic […]

  3. […] the apple and sultana.  They were both tasty, and sweet without added sugar.  They are made with xylitol, which I’ve mentioned in my blogs before.  I followed the instructions for the first portion […]

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