A week of snacks: gluten free, vegan

I’ve done breakfasts, and lunches so I thought this week I would share with you some of the snacks that I’ve been enjoying this week.

I tend to have two snacks each day – one mid morning to get me through the 7 hours between breakfast at 6 and lunch at 1pm, and one in the afternoon before I go to the gym.

I often stick to the same things.  Greek yoghurt features regularly, though the add ins and toppings change.

I was eating snack bars as one of my snacks.  But even the healthy ones tend to be high in sugar.  Ok, so it might be healthy sugars from fruit, but I don’t want to rely on a sweet snack.  So what sort of things have I been eating?

Well, as I said, I like to have Greek yoghurt.  I’ve taken to Liberté as not only does it taste great, it has less than 4g of sugar per 100g, and is 0% fat.

snack, yohurt, yoghurt, cashew, nuts, cacao, nibs

yogurt, cashew and cacao nibs

Sorry, it’s a bit out of focus – it was early in the morning.

Anyway, on this occasion I had my yogurt with cashew nuts and cacao nibs.  If I make it in the morning the cashew nuts start to soften. I guess this also breaks down the phytic acid – so that’s got to be good.

chufa, konfect, sesam, laddu, sesame, chickpea

snacks from Germany

I still had some of the sweets and treats I brought back from Germany, so one day I treated myself to a skinny cappuccino with 3 Chufa Konfekt sweets.  Made with organic dates, ground tiger nuts, pineapple and lemon, they are all natural, but a bit high in sugar for an everyday treat.

cappuccino, chufa, chickpea sweets

Costa snack

You’ve seen this one featuring before.  I had some Pura Vida Raw Living chocolate bread with ricotta spread on it.  Ricotta is naturally lower fat at about 10% fat.  I said before how I bought the chocolate bread rather than my usual broccoli bread, it is made from: Sprouted buckwheat, Raw Ecuadorian chocolate powder, Carrots, Flaxseeds, Olive oil, Water. The packet doesn’t give statistics for sugar, but I don’t think it is particuarly high.  It was quite bitter, so the creamy ricotta helped.

pura vida bread, chocolate, ricotta

Pura Vida chocolate bread and ricotta

I was sent a free sample of LA Whey, so one day I had this as my snack.  It’s smaller than my usual protein shake, which was fine.  But I think I made it a bit weak because I was making it in a rush.  It also left a bit of a powdery residue, both on my glass and in my mouth.

protein shake. snack

protein shake

I made my own hummus and flavoured it with curry powder for a change.  I served it with some carrot sticks.  Simples 🙂

curry, hummus, snack, carrot

curried hummus

Snacks are a great way to balance out your macros.  I had a fairly high fat day, so I was looking for something high protein but low fat.  I made some sweet potato bites with steamed sweet potato, ground oats and egg white, topped with a couple of peacan nuts.  Baked in the oven until set, I then ate them cold later in the day with a cup of tea. It certainly made a nice change!

sweet potato bites, oats, sweet potato, egg white, pecan

sweet potato bites

And of course, it had to be done.  I had socca for breakfast, lunch and dinner – so I had to try it as a snack.  In the morning I made a smaller chickpea pancake, flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla bean paste.  I topped it with sunflower seed butter and wrapped it up and took it to work for a snack with a cup of tea.  I prefer my socca warm, but it was ok with a cup of tea.  Next time I will take the topping separately, and pop the socca in the toaster to heat through.

chickpea, gram, flour, snack, sunflower butter, cinnamon, vanilla

socca snack

So, that’s a sample of the snacks I enjoyed this week.

Do you snack?  What are your favourites?  Do you try something new, or stick to the same old favourites?


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