Using up pumpkin: recipe roundup, vegan, gluten free

It’s October now so you might be considering buying and carving a pumpkin soon.  But what do you do with the leftover flesh?

For years when I was growing up it just went in the bin – I don’t ever remember cooking with it.


Pumpkin is really good for you, as I outlined in my post on Marrow and Pumpkin Soup.

For a quick recap, here is the lowdown:

Pumpkin, squash, October, Healthy Food Guide, squash

Healthy Food Guide October 2013

marrow, pumpkin, soup, onion

Or you could try carrot, pumpkin and coriander soup

carrot, coriander, pumpkin, soup, nutritional yeast, courgette

carrot and coriander soup

But other than soup what can you make?

I had this uber-breakfast of pumpkin overnight oats and pumpkin eggs, with a dash of sriracha sauce

pumpkin, overnight, oats, cinnamon, eggs, egg white, srircha sauceIt kept me full for hours!

If overnight oats aren’t your thing, stir your pumpkin into your porridge.

Of course, there’s always the pumpkin smoothie if you like something lighter in the mornings

pumpkin, banana, vanilla cinnamon

had to add a little flag

Or change up my marrow and pecan cake with pumpkin instead of marrow.

marrow, pecan, cake, loaf, sponge

What’s your favourite way of using up pumpkin?


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