Marinated kale salad with avocado dressing, gluten free

Now the weather is getting colder, I wanted a more hearty salad.  I’ve not yet progressed to hot lunches, but a salad of romaine leaves is leaving me feeling a bit short (I know, I know, I AM short)

I bought some kale from the farmer’s market, and instead of serving it as a side vegetable, I decided to make a hearty salad for lunch.

It was quite good fun massaging the dressing into the kale – the directions I read said to keep at it until your hands hurt 🙂  I thought of it like kneading dough, a good stress relief, like using a stress ball.

kale, avocado, vinegar

kale salad with dressing

I kept my salad dressing quite simple, but you could throw in some garlic, which would be great, or in another meal I might add nutritional yeast – I love that stuff!

Marinated kale salad
Serves 1

  • 60g kale
  • 60g red cabbage
  • 60g beansprouts

For the dressing

  • 30g avocado
  • probiotic drink – to taste
  • apple cider vinegar
  1. Make your dressing by mashing the avocado with some probiotic drink and apple cider vinegar – add a few drops and taste as you go.  I had the yogurt left after making overnight oats.
  2. Pour or dollop the dressing onto the kale and start massaging – yep, get your hands in there and get dirty. It will probably take a good 5 minutes of rubbing.  Get your partner (if you have one) to rub your shoulders as you go 🙂
  3. Add the chopped red cabbage and beansprouts and season to taste with salad and pepper.
  4. serve with protein of your choice.

marinated kale salad, avocado, dressing, kale, beansprout, cabbageDo you stick to a cold lunch through winter – or will you have something warming?  Have you turned on your heating yet?


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