A week of lunches #2 gluten free, meat, vegan and vegetarian options

I was insistent that this week I would buy different veg at the supermarket and Farmer’s Market.  A sure fire way of shaking things up and making sure I had something different.

Different veg this week included:

  • cauliflower instead of broccoli
  • sweet gem lettuce instead of romaine (ok, not much difference)
  • corn on the cob, marrow, courgettes, beansprouts, frozen soya beans, runner beans, radishes, kale
  • I still had leftover carrots, peppers, red cabbage, avocado, ginger and a few red onions

I’m keeping with salad based lunches at the moment.  But to warm me up I’ve enjoyed making miso soup to accompany my meals.  I’m not really a fan of using a microwave, and the one we have at work is filthy, so I tend to keep clear.  I have in the past brought in a thermos of soup or leftovers reheated at home, and I might turn to this when the weather gets colder.

edamame, soya bean, egg, beansprout, Thai,

Monday lunch

Monday’s lunch was a Thai soya bean and egg salad made with shredded carrots and beansprouts, piled onto sweet gem lettuce leaves seasoned with a dash of tamari and lime.  My Real Foods order came in the morning, so I made a dressing with a squeeze of lime, and a dollop of live miso paste – this is going to be a new favourite product!

chicken, marinaded, marinated kale, salad, red cabbage, beansprout

Tuesday lunch

I had a marinaded kale salad (on the blog soon) with red cabbage and beansprouts topped with an organic chicken breast I baked in foil.  I poured the juices from the chicken onto the salad.  I made a miso soup with the paste and hot water to warm me up.

chicken, kale, avocado, miso soupBy Wednesday I was getting a bit fed up with the beansprouts.  Ben isn’t a big fan so after our stir fry the rest were left to me.  With the last of them, I cooked them off and added egg to create an omelette which I wrapped up in nori to make egg and beansprout sushi.

Week of lunch, egg, sushi, miso, wasabi courgette dressing, salad

Wednesday lunch

I had it with a salad of runner beans, sweetcorn, soya beans and a bit of rocket.  The really exciting part of this was the dressing.  I steamed some courgette and when it was cool I blitzed it up with some probiotic drink left over from breakfast and a quarter teaspoon of wasabi powder. It was really runny, but by lunchtime it had thickened to a nice dipping consistency.

beansprout, egg, sushi, runner bean, sweetcorn, wasabi, courgette, misoI used the other half of my corn on the cob on Thursday to make sweetcorn fritters.  I made them with egg, oats and nutritional yeast.  When I made the mix I was really concerned how runny it was, but by the morning it had thickened.  They made a really filling dinner.  Radishes aren’t really my favourite, so I still hadn’t opened them.  I chucked them on some sweet gem lettuce to serve on the side.  The jar contains my daily dollop of miso for an accompanying soup.

sweetcorn, fritters, radish, lettuce

Thursday lunch

By Friday I had been to the Farmer’s market again so I shunned the last of the sweet gem lettuce in favour of some more organic lettuce leaves.  I baked a sweet potato, then scooped out the flesh and mixed it with nutritional yeast and some Tex Mex seasoning.  I was inspired by Angela at Oh She Glows to make a lentil and guacamole topping.  I was glad of that because the sweet potato seasoning was hot!

sweet potato, guacamole, lentil, salad

Friday lunch

Again, I had a miso soup on the side.

And what did I buy at the Farmer’s market this week?

farmer's, market, tomatoes, beetroot, onions, salad, honey, romanesco

Farmer’s Market

You should be able to spot the organic salad leaves, local honey, romanesco cauliflower, raw beetroot, onions and cherry tomatoes.

How do you keep your meal ideas fresh and exciting? Do you always buy the same foods or do you mix it up?


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6 thoughts on “A week of lunches #2 gluten free, meat, vegan and vegetarian options

  1. Deena Kakaya September 21, 2013 at 7:13 am Reply

    These dishes look lovely and fresh x

    • Emily Hawkes September 22, 2013 at 6:19 am Reply

      Hi Deena. Thanks for stopping by. xx

      • Deena Kakaya September 22, 2013 at 6:27 am

        A pleasure! Hope you will also check out some if my recipes x

      • Emily Hawkes September 22, 2013 at 6:32 am

        Just having a look now 🙂 I bought a beetroot this week, giving me inspiration! xx

      • Deena Kakaya September 22, 2013 at 6:33 am

        Oh that’s great to hear x

  2. […] I bought some kale from the farmer’s market, and instead of serving it as a side vegetable, I decided to make a hearty salad for lunch. […]

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