Tempeh Macro dinner: vegan, gluten free

I made a second attempt at a macro dinner with the veg I had this week.  Here’s a quick recap of what a macrobiotic meal should include.

Macrobiotic, tempeh, sauerkraut, nori, beans, cauliflowerI had my tempeh this week, so I used that for a more ‘meaty’ texture.  My last bowl didn’t have sea vegetables or beans, so this time I added haricot beans to the rice, and I sprinkled crumbled nori over the dish at the end.

Macrobiotic Meal: The Basics

  1. Grains.  – Check, I had wholegrain basmati rice.
  2. Vegetables – I find cauliflower harder as a go-to veg than broccoli – I think it’s purely aesthetic in that I prefer green veg on the side so I roasted it because I LOVE roasted cauliflower.
  3. Beans – It turns out that tempeh and tofu count towards the beans, but I added haricot beans to the rice for good measure.
  4. Fruit – I didn’t have fruit with my meal this week – but it’s not an essential part of a macro meal
  5. Sea Veggies – I added half a sheet of nori crumbled over my salad
  6. Soup – Soups are a crucial part of a well-balanced macro diet. I had a side of miso soup with my lunch, so didn’t need it to accompany my dinner.
  7. Fermented Foods – I did well on fermented foods with both tempeh and sauerkraut.
  8. Flavorings/Spices/Oils – Nori counts here and with the sauerkraut I didn’t need any more flavouring
  9. The Fish Question – Again not essential, so this was a vegan macro bowl
  10. Whole Foods. Important to mention, that macro meals obviously pride themselves on being whole-food based – check, I think my meal is pretty wholefoods based.

And what did I do with the last piece of my tempeh – I served it with banana soft serve for breakfast!

tempeh, banana, soft serve, cacao nibs

tempeh and banana soft serve

Is that one stage too far from my tempeh and jam love???

What are the weirdest food combinations you love?


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