Vegan blackberry tofu macro inspired bowl

I’ve been back a week, and we have been eating lots of salad and vegetables. This is all I had left on Saturday night:

carrots, pepper, cabbage, ginger

leftover veg

and a few now ripe avocados

leftover veg2Not bad.

I decided I would buy different veg at the shops this weekend to inspire me to try something different and not to fall into recipe ruts.  It’s harder than I thought coming up with different ideas, especially as Ben is a bit more fussy with veg than I am.

I bought a few items from the Farmer’s market at the end of last week:

Farmer's Market, marrow, courgette, sweetcorn, kale

Farmer’s Market

Ben won’t eat the courgette or marrow – what on earth am I going to do with that one???

One way I incorporated veg into last week’s dinners was this Macro bowl.  I saw the idea on the Lunchbox Bunch Facebook page. It was supposed to be made with tempeh, but it hadn’t come by mail order yet.  Luckily I had some tofu in the fridge so made a quick swap.

blackberry, macrobiotic, tofu, sauerkraut, rice,

This was my first attempt at combining the tempeh/tofu with ‘jam’ that I had for breakfast once my tempeh did come.

While not a true macrobiotic bowl, I included

  • grains – wholegrain brown basmati rice
  • vegetables – cabbage, carrots and leftover aubergine dressing
  • beans – I had tofu, do you think that counts?
  • fruit – I flavoured my tofu with smushed blackberries
  • sea veggies – ok, my macrobiotic bowl was lacking in these
  • fermented foods – I used some sauerkraut I brought back from Germany
  • whole foods – made with wholegrain rice and vegetables I hope this counts, even if my tofu was processed and my dressing contained dairy.

I don’t think I could follow a macrobiotic, but it was a nice varied salad, and I would have it again and probably include more of the macrobiotic basics such as adding sea vegetable accents, flavourings such as miso, tamari etc and maybe have more soups in my diet as the weather gets colder. – YUM!

Have you ever experimented with macrobiotics?  Do you regularly include any of these basic guidelines in your cooking?


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