Eating healthily in Munich

As I always prepare my own food I was concerned how I would cope on holiday, staying in a hotel without a kitchen.

I was pleased to find our room was fitted with a mini bar, so I had access to a fridge.  But I knew my meals would have to be around salads and fresh ingredients, alongside whatever I could scrounge from the continental breakfast buffet in the mornings.

viktualienmarkt, germany, munich,I ate sooo much salad.

sauerkraut, prawn, salad, lettuce, cucumberI was pleased to learn of Basic Bio, an organic German supermarket, where I was able to get fresh salads daily.  As well as the Viktualienmarkt I was kept well fed.

I even had a salad in the Hofbrauhaus.hofbrauhaus, salad, lettuce, tomato, carrot

And that’s just the salads I remembered to photograph.

I was inspired by the salads in Germany.  I think my salads were getting a bit samey.  I have learned that variety of tastes and textures are key.  Rather than having large portions of two or three vegetables, the salads were made up of a variety of different veg.

viktualienmarkt saladSo I am continuing my vegetable-madness now I am back in the UK.

I was excited to go to the supermarket on Sunday.  When we went away I emptied the fridge and ‘freezer’ (we only have an icebox) so I was able to start from scratch.

supermarket, shopping, food shopping, vegetables, saladI had to stop myself because I would have just kept buying more veg and salads.

It was certainly good to eat cooked vegetables again when I got home!

What are your favourite vegetables? Do you stick to the same thing, or do you like variety?  Which veg are always in your shopping bag?


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One thought on “Eating healthily in Munich

  1. A week of lunches | it comes naturally blog September 14, 2013 at 5:20 am Reply

    […] You’ll remember on Sunday we bought lots of veg after our holiday, so it was salads in my lunch box this week. […]

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