Home again: Viktualienmarkt, Munich

Hey you!

Sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet on the Facebook page.  Ben and I celebrated our anniversary with a week in Munich, Germany.

It was Ben’s choice of location, and we had a fabulous time.

I was rather concerned that a city where the local delicacies are beer, sausages, and bread might be a bit problematic for me.

I’ll be honest, at times they were, but there was also lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer.

The Viktualienmarkt was one of my favourite places – it’s just like a giant farmers market with local produce, and the fruit and vegetable stands were amazing!

viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany, HolidayThe choice of tomatoes 🙂 There were many, many more types of mushrooms

viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany, holidayThere were fruits and vegetables that I hadn’t even heard of!

viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany, HolidayI selected some yummy veg for my salad on the first night

viktualienmarkt, germany, munich, tomato, spinach, beansprout, carrotWe were very busy over the week and we did A LOT of walking!

I’m off to do some washing and sort through my photos, expect more holiday tales.

It’s good to be back.



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2 thoughts on “Home again: Viktualienmarkt, Munich

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