Jackfruit zen bowl: vegetarian, gluten-free

I had a huge tin of jackfruit, and didn’t know what to do with it.

I decided to make one of my favourites – Zen scramble – this time using some jackfruit (I’m still not sure if it is one or two words).

I used the jackfruit as one of the vegetables and used egg, but I’m sure this would work without the egg – using the jackfruit in place of the scramble, rather than as well as – just use more.

I used the black quinoa again, but this time I mixed it in with regular quinoa, and I was much happier with the resulting texture.

black, quinoa, mixed quinoaI started by softening the carrots, then added in the shredded jackfruit to heat through.

carrot, zen scramble, jackfruitI added a teaspoon of curry powder and stirred it in to cook it off.  If you want to go for a vegan option, leave it here.  But I added an egg and an egg white, and cooked it to a scramble.  My top tip is to cover it with a clear lid towards the end of cooking to hold in the heat, and moisture so the egg comes away from the bottom of the pan – otherwise it can stick.

Zen bowl, egg, scramble, quinoa, carrotsServed with lettuce and the mixed quinoa.

How else should I use up my jackfruit? Any good recipes out there?


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