Good to be back

I missed you guys the last few days.  Did you miss me?

I’ve been in Cornwall with Ben, my Mum and brother for a few days.  I set up a few posts to schedule while I was away, so I hope it worked OK.

We had a lovely few days staying in my Mum’s caravan and celebrated her birthday yesterday with a meal out.

Mum's birthday meal

Mum’s birthday meal

The weather could have been better, but it takes more than a bit of rain to stop us.  I kept fit with interval training on the beach, and a 10 mile cycle ride.

Camel Trail, cycle, bike ride

Cycling the Camel Trail

I kept up with my healthy eating

plum, yoghurt, yogurt, cherry, pistachio

Healthy plum and yogurt snacks

Finished a book, and even found time to chill with Ben.


Chilling in Plymouth

It’s going to be hard going back to work tomorrow, but I can console myself that next week is a Bank Holiday weekend, and it won’t be too long until Ben and I will be having OUR holiday in Munich.

So, I had better get unpacked and prepare myself for work tomorrow.  I’ll just leave you with one last thought courtesy of this sign we saw in a pub (apologies for the flash):

Slogan, Burger King,

LOVE it!


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