Kombucha Review


I’m celebrating my Mum’s birthday today with a nice glass of Kombucha.

kombuchaI didn’t know what I would make of kombucha.  I’ve seen several reviews, and it is a bit of a marmite drink.  You either love or hate it.

I first tried Kombucha on my birthday:

kombuchaand I was surprised that I liked it!

kombuchaok, so yes, it has a bit of a bite, possibly an acquired taste, but I acquired it pretty quickly 🙂

Kombucha is a green tea which is sweetened, and fermented.  The fermentation ‘eats’ most of the sugar, so it isn’t too sweet or terribly high in sugar.  In fact, it is mildly alcoholic.

I’ve taken to drinking it with an evening meal, or in the evening when other people around me are having a glass of wine or a cider.

Up to two thirds of the caffeine in the tea is consumed by the bacteria, so you can drink it in the evening without it keeping you up all night.  And with less than 5g of sugar per 100ml it is lower in sugar than many fruit juices.

So why is this fermented drink so good for you?

Firstly because it is fermented it is full of healthy bacteria, which are probiotic.  Probiotics aid digestion and candida (yeast overgrowth).  It is high in anti-oxidants and is immune boosting.

Kombucha contains glucosamines which helps to protect joints through supporting lubrication and flexibility.  They also support collagen to reduce wrinkles.

Go! Kombucha make their drinks in small batches and one of their stated benefits is that no two bottles taste alike.  I hope I enjoy my next bottle as much!

Kombucha, pu-erhRead more

Food Renegade: http://www.foodrenegade.com/kombucha-health-benefits/

Go! Kombucha: http://www.gokombucha.co.uk/


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