kale wraps, gluten free, vegan option

Since I stopped eating wheat (again!) I do miss the ease of being able to just stuff something in a wrap.  Nori sushi wrappers have been a good alternative, but when I saw these giant kale leaves at the farmers market I decided I would give them a go.

mushrooms, marrow, squash, kale leaves

Farmer’s Market treats

You’ve got to keep the filling sticky, but not too wet, otherwise you will probably end up with very messy fingers.  I’ve tried cold rice noodles in my avocado sauce which worked really well. Or here I’ve used quinoa and king prawns in avocado sauce.

kale, avocado, quinoa

kale wraps – oops, blurry

If you keep scrolling down I’ve got an iceberg lettuce wrap filled with avocado and miso-dipped tempeh – yum!

The point isn’t what you fill it with, but that kale leaves make a good gluten free, low carb alternative to wheat wraps.

You could trim down the stem, but I didn’t bother.  some were better than others, and I wished I had.

You could, of course, use other leaves.  You can use iceberg lettuce leaves, or large romaine lettuce.  Let me know if you’ve tried other leaves…

kale, wrap

kale wraps

Kale Wraps

  1. If using kale leaves, prepare them by trimming the stem, and steam until soft enough to eat.
  2. Place your filling in the middle of a large leaf.  Don’t over-fill!
  3. Fold the sides of the leaf in to partially cover the filling.
  4. Pull the end closest to you over the top of the filling.
  5. Take the enclosed wrap and fold it over onto itself, weighing down the fold.

Here is a step by step photo using iceberg leaves with a filling of avocado and miso dipped tempeh:

iceber, lettuce, wrapsHave you tried using lettuce or kale to make a wrap?  Have you got any other genius ideas?  What are your favourite fillings?


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