How do you eat yours?

I forgot to share my Real Foods order with you.  I mentioned it and added a cryptic picture, but here it is in all it’s glory:

Real Foods orderI enjoyed the kombucha so much before I ordered some more, and this time I’ve got a new flavour.  I like to stock up on cacao powder and raw broccoli bread when I place an order.  I bought the rest as a bit of a treat, so watch this space, I expect I’ll tell you all about them

Now to the point of today’s post 🙂

I’ve said how I always take a packed lunch to work, and that I look like a crazy tupperware lady 🙂

By the time I have my lunch, two snacks and bottle of water, my rucksack is near full.

These days I keep a plate in my drawer, and I always turn out my lunch before eating.  I make a point of laying it out nicely and making an occasion of my lunch whenever possible.

It’s often said that you eat with your eyes.  I eat off a fairly small plate at home; psychologically it makes me feel more satisfied.

I find it is similar for a lunchbox.  But in reverse I guess.  It’s all crammed into a box and can look like a small portion. I find it looks much more satisfying on a plate.

lunchboexes, tupperware, packed lunch,

some lunchboxes

What do you think? Do you think it makes a difference to how satisfying your lunch is? How do you eat yours?


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