clean eating: snacks

You will have seen in my Clean Eating post, that it recommends you try to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks.

It keeps your sugar levels stable, and stops you getting so hungry you ‘binge’ on whatever is nearest, or eat too much at dinner time.

When I was very skinny I would always eat two or three snacks a day: sometimes in the morning (but not always) a snack in the afternoon, and a snack before bed.

But snacks tended to be low fat cake slices, low fat biscuits, sugar laden fruit yogurts or maybe a low calorie malted milk drink or hot chocolate – not really in keeping with the clean eating philosophy.

Since focussing on clean eating main meals have come to me easily.  Making food from scratch comes as second nature – I like to know what’s gone into my food.  I am well prepared, and don’t have a problem with spending 30mins-1hr or more making my meals, always making a packed lunch for work and sometimes preparing my breakfast the night before.

But I struggled most with finding ‘clean’ snacks.

I like the crunch of a biscuit, and the starchy mouth-feel.  Probably the carbohydrates boosting my serotonin, if you want to get technical.

Or something sweet and satisfying.

Well if you are the same, worry no more, here are a selection of healthy, clean snacks…

chickpea, clean snacks, cucumber

homemade hummus and cucumber

edamame hummus, crudites

edamamus with crudites

I have a number of dips I like to make, including sundried tomato hummus, miso peasy dip or edamamus. Step away from the chips and serve it with some crudites, raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot sticks, celery, pepper slices, mangetout, baby sweetcorn, and so on…

Then there are my kale chips which have a different kind of crunch, but are yummy and a great alternative to a bag of chips/crisps.

tofu cheesy kale chips

kale chips

I enjoy homemade buckwheat crispies/snacks with some almonds.  I’d forgotten about these – I need to make them again!

buckwheat, dates, currants, cinnamon, chia seeds, almonds

Sprouted buckwheat crispies with almonds

yoghurt, yogurt and nuts, pistachio

yogurt and nuts

Sometimes I’ll just have yogurt and nuts.  You could have dairy or coconut yogurt.  I measure out my portion before I leave for work, put it in the fridge and then I have a healthy mid morning snack.  The nuts sometimes start to soften, but I like to think of that as the phytic acid breaking down.

I usually have almonds, but I bought these pistachios and had forgotten how much I like them!

You could top some yoghurt (dairy or coconut) with some granola. Leave the sugar laden stuff in the supermarket, and make a batch at the weekend:

presentation jar carrot cake granola

carrot cake granola

or quinoa granola.

I made some raw chocolate brownies this week for a special treat.

raw, vegan, gluten free, brownie, chocolate, nuts, walnuts

raw vegan brownie bites

I keep these for special occasions – although nutrient dense and made with raw, gluten free ingredients, they are still high in sugar, and calories – but you only want a small amount to satisfy a sweet craving.

OK, so sometimes I look like a crazy tupperware lady when I go to work with so many lunchboxes and snack tubs.  But I always know I have sometime healthy to keep me going, and I’m not tempted by the naughty snacks at work.

What are your favourite healthy snacks? More to the point, what are your favourite non-healthy snacks?


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